Thursday, November 14, 2002

Nobody links me

According to my log files I have a small but happy band of regular readers (you guys are the greatest). I'm not going to tell you how many because you'll laugh... a first for this site. If I was a girl, this probably wouldn't be important, but I'm a boy and I peruse my log files avidly and make Excel spreadsheets of what they tell me. Site activity is growing a little. This has come from telling my friends and putting up the Friendsreunited entry, but I'm still not happy. Nobby has had referrals from Google on everything from dreams about cooking dogs to cassoulet, whereas Simon is the world's number 1 site for Gay Beefeaters in Uniform (and Nobby is number 3). Me, I haven't had a single comedy Google referral. What is it about my site? Perhaps my readership is the limit of my niche market i.e. people whose jobs are unfulfilling enough to spend time checking my site, and who are vaguely interested in me.

My key marketing channel, my Friendsreunited entry, has caused another reader has made herself known, except this time its my sister. I'm not really sure why she has chosen me as a lost friend to catch up with because I saw her last Tuesday. Weirdo.

Key Marketing Channel? Niche markets? Excel Spreadsheets of site activity? Vicki thinks I'm turning into one of 'them'. Oh bugger, maybe I am.


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