Tuesday, November 12, 2002


"Col, Col, COL!"

2 days into my new job and things are going dandy thank you very much. It's a bit of a weird situation in that I am now The Expert, supposedly. I am the man now charged with turning this company into a slick professional organisation, yet I still feel like I'm about 13 inside.


The majestic upside of it means I leave for work half and hour later than before, and get home no less than 1.5 hours earlier. People keep asking me what I'm going to do with all my extra time. Well, so far I've managed to establish that both Izzy from Hollyoakes and Libby from Neighbours are back on the market after Tony agreed to marry Clare Buckfield, and Drew fell off a horse and died.


In other words, I'm spending my time really quite productively.


Also we've managed to arrange with the Nobscrubs to go and see Harry Potter on Friday at 5.45, which was practically lunch time in my old commuting world. I am finally civilised.

BAM! 1-0

...and after five weeks I finally scored at 5-a-side. An absolute sizzler from a free kick from the moaning Scottish fat bloke Colin. I also hit the bar and post, and ran about like a man posessed, I was so in the zone. Am I fit?


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