Sunday, November 17, 2002


Emma works in a school which has a number of children from the "Traveller Community", on Saturday we had stopped at the site's local supermarket. Emma doesn't like being near the school as she risks being spotted by children and parents. Me, I was on gypo-watch: -

"Are they gypos?"
"What about them, are they gypos?"

This went on right up until we got to the check-out when exasperated, I spotted a couple of people packing their shopping at the end of the check-out who I assumed had to be travellers, he had a shaven head and pierced ears, she had a shire horse and was selling lucky heather.

"What about them?"

Emma paused and contemplated them for a while, I was breathless with excitement, about to get an inside view on what constitutes a traveller...

"No" she said
"How can you tell?" said I, beginning to doubt her authority
"Well, for one thing, they're paying."

AND before you start on at me about my non-PC posting, let me just stress to you, its not the traveller lifestyle I object to, it's the violence and thuggery of some of their kin which makes Emma's life a misery on a daily basis that gets me.


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