Saturday, November 09, 2002

A black belt in showing off

I've just updated my Friendsreunited entry in an attempt to boost readership on this site, I know, how bonkers mad am I? Clearly I'm going to impress all the people who thought I was a bit of turd at school. It's a painful experience your Friendsreunited entry, a therapy far too long to go into on this blog, so I've decided to elaborate here.

If you have just arrived on this site come in, make yourselves at home, do you want to see we've done to the spare bedroom? Oh god, could you put a coaster under that mug, it'll stain.

You can read this blog as a convenient distraction from getting on with your work, or look at some nice pictures from Penny’s wedding or our holiday. You can join my mix club, which is completely free - I do mixes from time to time, and if you send me your details, I can send you a CD whenever one is ready. There's a new mix that I'm listening to as I type, I call it House Music All Night Long and it rocks. If you want to book me to play at your party, just send me an email.

OK, advert over let's get on with talking nonsense.


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