Sunday, November 10, 2002

Holy crap that was quick - a new reader

I used to work with Jo at a publisher in Oxford, one of those soap opera type companies, with a plethora of stories that deserve a web site all on its own.

Jo pointed me towards a site that creates a profile of you from your name. Jo, for example, is 'quintessentially Steppenwolf' which may or may not be a compliment. Justin Ruffles fails to register, but my real name, er, which is, of course, Justin Ruffles, suggests I am optimistic that the season’s challenges can be overcome. Which I am.

I was surprised to find that Simon is not only a distinguished British journalist but is expected to leave for London by a flight on Tuesday morning and is a hero to many Bangladeshis. I don't know, you think you know someone.

Nobby, under his real name, which is Nobby of course, is the principle site operator for Envynews, which I didn't know, and is enchanting on Embraceable You, which I did. He is also a Mac zealot and is quite categorically 'right'.

I'm upset to hear that Penny was torpedoed and sunk, but it's nice to see that her husband Mike is my favourite psuedo celebrity and a doctoral candidate at Dalhousie University. I talked to Mike only recently but he didn't tell me that he is currently modelling and recording new material for release later this year. He's particularly modest, because he has never mentioned that he is one of the most respected saddle designers in the west and his natural talent for art brings his paintings to life.

I'm not sure why he has added to his line of "girl" kits but it's good to hear that he is encouraged by how his strained right pectoral muscle is healing, are these things related? Well known among radio listeners, he is an old soul in a young body and is required to download them... what's that? He’s required to download young bodies?

Despite this dark side, he will always be first up to give us a tight and rolling rendition of Mary Chapin Carpenter’s 'Halley Came to Jackson'.

Jo in Australia, as opposed to Jo who is 'quintessentially Steppenwolf', is designed for the visualization and analysis of surfaces and, I'm stunned to say, a founding member of the Cure but is now working towards a doctorate in clinical psychology at Concordia University.

Willy is an astronomer and assistant to the director of the Canberra Planetarium and observatory, a textile illustrator, a research fellow at King's, a nursing officer, an experienced teacher, an editorial assistant at Australian Leisure Management and a third year leisure management student at university of technology, and just 21 years old. Well done Clare.


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