Friday, November 01, 2002


After 1752 days of continuous employment with the same people I've finally left for new pastures. As I had hoped, it was a quiet and dignified departure. I didn't get an exit interview, my P45 nor asked for the £2700 train ticket money I borrowed off them last month. When I told our pensions person I was leaving she said "By choice?". It was like I've never been employed.

My final day was spent placing useful clues as to what I do so I can't be accused of sabotaging my work. The people who should be interested simply aren't, that's their perogative, either my work has been worthless, or they are incompetent. Fundamentally, I know which of the two it is, and I'm not concerned.

Though deprived of two goodbyes because of holidays and pneumonia, and at least another two because people had left, I did rather well with around 15-20 people stopping by to say goodbye. I felt good.

I was pretty much the last person to leave, so the offices were eerily quiet as I said my silent farewells to fixtures and fittings. Finally I walked out onto the street and into a feeling of almost overwhelming relief. Away from commuting, away from a chore and a trial, from an organisation which batters peoples' spirits, and undermines their confidence. More than that, I walk away into something infinitely better. I don't like change, and perhaps in a few weeks I'll look back with rose tinted glasses, but I look forward to the unknown with excitement.

I have nearly two weeks holiday before I start my new job. I shall do some writing, sort out my web site, go to the Gym, play football, and have a mix. Mostly I shall enjoy being free.


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