Thursday, February 20, 2003

Play along at home

Clearly the most important post this site has ever had, here's the Ruffles' and Emma Brit awards predictions....

British Male Solo Artist: Hmm, it probably should go to The Streets, and Badly Drawn Boy has got to fancy his chances because of his Celebrity Lig. But I'm going with a politically correct Craig David vote. Emma goes with... Craig David too!

British Female Solo Artist: Beth Orton is a personal favourite, but being white and middle class, like the judging panel, I'm going with Ms Dynamite. Emma goes with Ms Dynamite too!

British Group: Surely an absolute banker, Coldplay, Emma agrees.

British Album: A good night for the Coldplay boys, A Rush of Blood to the Head - Coldplay, and for in a momentus moment, Emma has agreed with me on four things in a row

British Single: Tricky, this is an ITV programme, so they'll probably have something crass like a phone vote on this one, but Just A Little - Liberty X is the best song by a country mile. And guess what Emma agrees with that one as well.

British Urban: Whilst I don't know what Urban music is, except it seems to be black music which can be sung by white people too. It's another Ms Dynamite vote.

British Dance Act: Not dance, but there has to be a token award for the Sugababes, Emma's considered view is much the same.

British Breakthrough Act: For the sake of those "It was Ms Dynamite's night at the Brits this year" 10 O'clock News lines, We're going with... Will Young.... no Ms Dynamite.

Pop Act: An adbject set of nominations but for some gibbon antics from those bad lads, we're both going with Blue. So far we've agreed on nine nominations in a row, can it last?

International Male Solo Artist: Answer: No. I'm pushing the boat out here, I going to go with Nelly, whereas Emma is going with the populist Eminem. Tricky category, but it has to be one of the two.

International Female Solo Artist: Disagreements ahoy! I can't help think that perhaps I'm starting to go with my taste rather than who I think will win. I go Alicia Keys, Emma's gone Pink (must be all the vitamins she's been taking).

International Group: It's getting hot in herre, more disagreements, it's clearly the international categories that is going to dictate the bragging rights. I'm going with the Foo Fighters, and I'm pretty confident too. Emma's gone with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, is she mad?

International Album: A resbite from all the arguing, we both go with Eminem - The Eminem Show on this one.

International Breakthrough Artist: And finally, is this a reason to walk out the door now, I'm going with Nickleback SHE, is going with Avril La bloody vigne. Does she do these things just to hurt me?


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