Thursday, March 20, 2003

Keep it simple

Last week I had to go to a black tie do at the Savoy Hotel. This sounds rather grand, and I suppose it was, but I’d have much preferred to watch Liverpool versus Celtic on the telly. It was work related, so I was working, I drank 1 glass of water, 1 glass of lemonade, and watched my P’s and Q’s all night. It was unpleasantly boy-ish with plenty of toilet humour and talk of “totty”. Dull.

The highlight was the food; Tuna steak, Beef thingamabob, and vanilla whatjumacallit. I’m no culinary expert, but I know what I like. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by good cooks. Emma’s cakes and desserts are fairly awesome, the Dobscrubs never fail to rustle up a fine meal, Penny’s Thai Curry on Saturday was delicious as was the Smarties Ice Cream straight from the bucket.

There’s very little food I don’t like. I love a quintessentially English curry, and am quite a Dhansak connoisseur (well defined fruity taste, lentils should add texture, the chillies should be a noticeable background noise on the pallet). I would never turn down a Chinese takeaway.

Tonight I am going out for dinner with work people to celebrate the impending retirement of one of the ladies here. Breaking with the traditional sandwiches and wine farewell on a Friday afternoon, she was asked where she wanted to go out to dinner. Would it be Chinese (or er, Cantonese), Malayan, or Thai fusion? The choice was hers.

“I want to go somewhere with plain food” she said.



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