Thursday, March 20, 2003

I heart 1991

I'm feeling rather good at the moment, the sun is shining, George Bush is president of the USA, the Wonder Stuff and the Inspiral Carpets are on tour and we're at war with Iraq There was an American General on telly gee'ing up his troops by claiming the order to go was ¡°Hammer Time. Good lord, even Sonia's back on our screens ARRRGH!. Exactly like the year I did my A Levels.

I'm not feeling good because of the war; I have resigned myself to a fuck 'em mentality relieving some of the pressure of my recent Big Thoughts. Let them do what the hell they like, and let us enjoy the sun whilst it's out. I have been liberated from the social and cultural responsibility which goes hand in hand with being white and from the west, oh, and being British, oh and being middle class, oh and being someone who voted in the wide-eyed warring maniac.


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