Thursday, January 18, 2007

Whatever you say I am is what I am not

More refined thinking on the Jade/Shilpa debate seems to conclude that Jade hasn't (yet) been conclusively racist. Racism is a rather inflammatory way of describing something that is more likely simple ignorance and stupidity. It's likely that Jade is incapable of anything as sophisticated as racism; which involves the development of a pretty thorough, if warped, ideology. It is not easy to hate an entire race. More likely; Jade is a simpleton and a nasty piece of work who is ferociously cruel when crossed. This is no lesser charge.

We could create a meritocratic society based of age or height, which would be OK for me. But we live in a society based on transactions; when you do something good; you get rewarded for it. The more talented and good you are, the more you are likely to benefit.

Millionaire Jade seems rather overcompensated for whatever talent she is selling. She is not very bright, funny or attractive. She has no capacity for strategy or politics. But she is neither thick, dull or ugly. She's a successful, strong independent woman and a caring mother. Her talent seems to be that although she's like no other woman at the same time she's like every woman. She is rewarded handsomely for her, em, normalcy.

But she can't represent the average woman in the street now she's been exposed as a viscous bully with an ugly ruthlessness. She is stripped of the only talent she has, and so her marketability has plummeted, which is presumably why sponsors are turning away in their droves. It always seemed unlikely that Jade could sustain such a profile and riches in return for such flimsy talents. It seems that the celebrity market is on the verge of an adjustment.


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