Monday, January 01, 2007


Like every good New Year's Day we're all pyjama'ed up at Ruffles towers. It's an opportunity to reflect on what's been a great 2006. We've had Millie, of course, and babies were popping out all over the place; Lottie, Elliot and Joe. We've also got a bunch of new friends through having Millie and a whole new dimension to our social life. We've had Katie's wedding and Spanx has gone all domestic, which everyone is delighted about. Not only that, but Katie and James are have come home from Australia, and Jo and Brian will be back from the end of January.

It's been a great Christmas too; from kite flying in a hurricane whilst a battalion of wind battered toddlers cowered and wet themselves in the car to having everyone over for dinner and Emma setting the table for six and ten turning up.

New Year was the quietest on record; we had an invite to a party, but the Millie factor complicated things and in the end it was decided that we'd opt out this year. To be honest, we didn't take much persuading. We weren't the only ones; it seemed to be a universal trend to stay in for a quiet one. Perhaps, after years of pressure trying to find that big night out everyone has agreed that New Year is the biggest emperor's new clothes and did the thing they've always wanted to do; stayed in.

Either that or following Pinochet and Saddam's deaths, the collapse of the careers of Blair, Prescott, Rumsfeld and surely soon; Bush. And faced with the global jihad and environmental catastrophe they leave behind we've all realised that we're the ones who have to sort this mess out now and really we need to buckle down, put away the ironic t-shirts and combat trousers and get serious.

Or, they all had a party together and we weren't invited... bastards.


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