Friday, October 04, 2002

I am resource

I’ve just moved into a department that seems utterly disinterested in what I do, or where I fit in. This would be disheartening if it weren’t for the fact that I am largely in control of my destiny at the moment and the fact that when my boss introduced me to the rest of his department, he didn’t know everybody’s name.

Monday was 5-a-side. I notched again, making my tally two in two. I scored the first goal of the night, which made me hope for a hatful, but despite much showboating and shooting on sight I wasn’t able to improve on the tally. Despite also going to the gym on Sunday, I felt good on Tuesday morning. The only downside is that because I perceive warming up as uncool I subsequently pulled muscles in my groin with my first attempted sprint. Also, whilst in goal I took a ball in the goolies, and I now have a testicle rattling around my rib cage.

Perhaps it has become fully detached, and unbeknown to me I am about to embark on a painful realisation that I face life of impotence and sterility and that my burning desire for children is to go unfulfilled.

To which the resulting emotional pain would undoubtedly do wonders for the quality and level of interest in this blog.


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