Saturday, June 03, 2006

Shepherds' pie for the soul

I know what you're thinking. What was playing on Ruffles' new iPod whilst he made the dinner last night? Playing on shuffle and drawing from the 6827 songs on it, it came up with...

No for the 13th Time - The Wonder Stuff

Bruce Lee - Underworld

Mobeus - Orbital

Mercy in You - Depeche Mode

Hallelujah (Deadstock Mix) - Happy Mondays

Born to be a Dancer - Kaiser Chiefs

Rockin' It - Deejay Punk Roc

Sitting up Straight - Supergrass

Intro - Nas

And me - Beastie Boys

Izzy Izzy Ahh - Missy Elliot

Hit the Hi-Tech Groove - Pop Will Eat Itself

Potion - Ludacris

Highlight of the week on Big Brother has to have been the argument between Sezer and muscle queen Richard. Well not so much the argument but the aftermath. Tourette-y Celebrity Pete took responsibility to comfort Richard in the garden acknowledging that the pervasive bitching was what fuelled the blow-up.

"They're all a bunch of WANKERS" he said, his infliction attacking him once again... "Ooh, for one my tourettes has context." he concluded with pride.


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