Sunday, March 30, 2008

The sickness inside

I’ve been feeling unwell all week, at first I thought I’d just overdone it at the gym, then a cold took over, then flu, then you get to a point where you don’t know what is illness and what is a result of the illness. So is the sore throat a virus, or because of the coughing?

On Thursday, amidst all this, I saw a light on the dashboard of my car. I looked in the manual it said “Engine light”. Initially I took this to mean that the light in my engine was broken – which didn’t seem too troublesome. It then dawned on me that a) I don’t ever remember seeing a light in my engine and b) that was a fairly minor thing to be flagging up on your dashboard alongside things like revs, speed and engine temperature.

Checking further it suggested that something was wrong with my engine and that I should take it to a garage. This I did, where they plugged a computer into a slot I didn’t realise I had, took a reading and checked it on a database. Apparently it was indicating some sort of oil leak. They thought the car may have ‘thrown its toys out of the pram’ and so the warning may be a misreading. They turned the light off and sent me on my way.

The computer was cool though, I was tempted to see if they would put it up my bottom to take a reading to see what was wrong with me.


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