Thursday, July 05, 2007

HAFL - Hooble As a Foreign Language

Millie is just starting to become aware of the television as a source of entertainment. Previously she just saw it as a source of flashing colours and spent many hours with her nose against the screen taking it all in.

This morning, The Hoobs were on, which she seemed to be enjoying. It had someone signing for the deaf in the corner. Goodness knows how they sign ‘Tiddlepeeps’ and ‘Hoobledoobledoo’.

For non-connoisseurs ‘Hoobledoo’ is how the Hoobs say hello to each other. They say it all the time. Eventually, on about the sixtieth ‘Hoobledoo’ Emma pipes up; ‘So, is this the Hoobs then?’

It would have been a bit weird if it was said by a Fimble.


Good for people to know.

The Gal who does the Signing for the Hoobs is really excellent - her energy, enthusiasm and obvious sense of fun is truly appealing & infectious - who is she?
Why are there no credits for the Signers of the 'signed' programs - absolutely disgraceful!
Give them their due credit, C4 !!

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