Thursday, March 03, 2005

Hey you!

As he carved a career as the Internet generation’s Tony Hart, I bet Neil Buchanan thought he was the cock of the Number 73 alumni. The fact he had his own show, Art Attack, shadowed anything Sandi Toksvig (scary site, huh?) managed. Numerous appearances on smarty-pants TV and radio shows and she still never really transcended her image as a poor man’s female Scandinavian lesbian Stephen Fry. In fact, The Sandwich Quiz was pretty much her finest hour. As for the rest of the gang, well, they just fried in Buchanan’s after burn didn’t they. Didn’t they?

Buchanan was the bollocks, and he knew it. His bouncy curly mullet, his neat logo’ed pullovers, he’s the (40+ year old) boy next door. Mums all over the country could leave their children in his capable hands, safe in the knowledge that the worst he could do was suggest that using different colours of tissue paper can make a rudimentary stained glass window. Buchanan was the only true survivor of the much underrated Saturday morning show of lore, the man, the winner, numero uno. Goodnight Vienna.

That is until rollerskating dad-candy Andrea Arnold rocked up to the Oscars and bagged herself an Best Short Film award for Wasp. Zoinks!

What next? Gaz Top wins a Nobel Peace Prize for single handedly placating Iraqi insurgents through the introduction of GCSE Spanish and speed dating events?


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