Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Messy business

The Messyan conspiracy, which basically says that the US Government caused or knew of the September 11th attack, has made Messyan a hugely rich man.

I’m not particularly au fait with the details about his theory having just caught a bit of a TV programme about it. But he alleges amongst other things that a plane didn’t hit the Pentagon because a doorway is clearly intact in one photo. A ballistics expert claimed that the thickness of the Pentagon walls, coupled with the relative softness of the plane’s aluminium frame meant it was entirely possible for the plane to crash, disintegrate and the walls to remain intact. The explosion came from the ignited aviation fuel.

When this was put to him, he was asked to explain how, as he claimed, a US missile hit the Pentagon, he replied “It is not my place to explain this” and that “It’s up to the US government to explain what happened”.

Of course it is you silly sod, it’s your conspiracy theory, and the US government have explained… the Pentagon was hit by an aeroplane, haven’t you heard? it was in all the newspapers.

Furthermore, the planes that hit the Twin Towers, were remote controlled by the US Government because they were the only people who had the technology to do it.

Fuck me, what an annoying little prick he is.


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