Tuesday, July 09, 2002

I've Been Hustled

For years I've engaged in gentle and harmless sibling rivalry with my sister. Nothing serious, neither of us are competitive enough to be bothered about who is the more able plumber, or who would win in a pole vault competition (me, in both cases by the way). It's just all the normal stuff all kids do, little mickey takes and jokes, mucking around establishing a hierarchy based on some fairly sketchy criteria.

Anyway, all this time, I've sniffed the gentle aroma of victory... I've always been the witty one with the sharp comebacks, and the cooler taste in music (Duran Duran Vs Orbital) whilst she has adopted the endearing, slightly ditzy, girlie persona which makes you a lot of friends, but does jack-all in winning sibling jousting. And then sensing the big win, just as I slap the big double or quits bet onto the table, she only bloody goes and produces a baby. Eclipsing everything I could ever possibly hope to achieve. Not only that, she's coping with motherhood more naturally than she used to cope with going alone to the campsite toilets to brush her teeth on holiday... now how the bloody hell am I supposed to match that?

We saw Sophie on Sunday. She farts alot, but she's amazing.


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