Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Thrills, Brills and bellyaches

The snow this morning, and hopefully this doesn't sound too incriminating, aroused the schoolboy within me. My instant reaction was; 'day off!'. Sadly, my school wasn't one of those that was closed due to frozen pipes - because I don't go to school anymore - and apart from Millie looking out and giving me a look which said; 'Wow, snow, now I know I've seen everything', the day continued as planned. Boo.

About 17 years ago the snow came, and if I remember it rightly there were snow drifts which were 200 feet high. OK, so maybe I haven't remembered it rightly, but I know that a handful of us scrambled through the chaos into school only to find that it had been closed. The valiant few decided to head for Brill in a 2CV and an old style VW Beetle.

Brill is quite famous around these parts for having a converging gene pool, and if you look at the locals in the eye - one eye, in the middle of the forehead - you can see why. Because of the high risk that you are likely to end up marrying your own cousin if you stay, some of its inhabitants are smuggled out under the cover of darkness and deposited in safe houses around the country. This is all a front, however, because Brill is the gateway to nirvana; a convergence of all that is marvellous and great.

It's called Brill, which is like brilliant. It's on a hill, which rhymes. In the middle of the village is a common; which has abandoned clay diggings. These are formed into perfect sledging runs; from beginner to black runs for the more kamikaze. It offers perfect panoramic undisturbed views of the Cotswolds, which also means the the wind whistles around the common; perfect for flying kites. You cannot not have fun in Brill.

In the middle of the common is a windmill; Brill on the hill has a windmill. Come doomsday, Brill, as the home of all things fun and good, will host the exodus to nirvana. We'll all climb aboard the 'windmill' and once safely inside, we will take off to a far off planet to fly kites and sledge until the end of never.

Then I decided that the idea of a portal from which we can escape The End was fanciful nonsense... but then having written this, I looked for some decent Brill on the Hill Windmill references; and came across this one, which rather spookily, and totally independently from my own thought processes, alludes to the same perfect tobogganing/kiting opportunities offered at Brill on the hill. Maybe, just maybe, my suspicions are correct.


Emmas mums comment, Lists are good for you and very theraputic when you cross things off and Scott forgot to add that I like to organise meetings events , lunches but would be unable to do so without lists. All of the best people have a list so that is a good reason for the rest of us to do them as well . Scotts next list should include DIY and in order to fir it all in he will need to prioritise his day - List making is good Et Tu Brute

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