Monday, July 24, 2006

A trifle underhanded

Moggiopoli, the corruption case, has ruptured Italian football. The verdict of relegation and points deductions for some of the country's biggest clubs, is as startling as the level of corruption that lead to it.

However, I must reveal a level of corruption that beats even this. Emma's mum has a friend that she knows "only through email". From the friend she managed to purloin a recipe for a chocolate trifle. An innocent exchange of remote friends, you may think.

Furnished with this information, Emma's mum then heard on Radio Oxford, that they were running a competition. People were invited to send in their recipes; the best would be made up and tasted and the best would win a prize. Emma's mum chose to send in her chocolate trifle recipe. It reached the final, and she won.

Her defence, she says, is that everyone pinches other peoples' recipes. Which may be true; but not everyone wins prizes with them. It was a prize worth winning; an all expenses meal on a train which is (according to Emma's mum) "like the Orient Express but it runs to Didcot".


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